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Children are special patients for us, whose trust is extremely difficult to get, but once a relationship has been established between your child and his dentist, it is important for the whole life and for the health of your child.

At the dental clinic Sulejmanagic, we are making great efforts to work with non-cooperative children and children with fear of dentist. The most common causes of fear in children are due to past bad experiences with those dentists who do not have time for children, nor have knowledge of working with children, and often unfortunately work with them unwillingly. Namely, children's dentistry is a separate specialist branch precisely because of the complex approach to children and it is in your interest to entrust the child's oral dental care to the oral health of your child.

Considering that prevention is the basic term in the treatment of modern dentistry, we especially give priority to prevention in children and adults. All teeth preparation is done according to the principles of minimal-invasive dentistry where maximum dental health is preserved.

djecija-stomatologija[1].jpg - Dječija i preventivna stomatologija

Sealing of the fissures of permanent teeth is the best method of caries prevention, and it works with modern composite and resin materials that enable a high degree of prevention for many years. Dr. Ajša, as a long-standing specialist in pediatric  and preventive dentistry, has a great clinical experience on various methods of caries prevention, fissure sealing, filling of milky and permanent teeth, as well as the treatment of dental trauma.

At our clinic, all milky teeth are sanitized according to the rules of the profession, and modern adhesion and remineralization materials for the replacement of dental tissues are used. Special attention is given to the individual psychological approach to the child as a patient, so that fear and other potential problems are successfully eliminated in the early days of the child's development.

Proper prevention in children as well as complete remediation of milky and permanent teeth leads to the improvement of oral health in children, as well as the prevention of orthodontic anomalies. So be free to leave your child with us without fear and we will in a friendly relationship with your child, justify that thrust

Also, as a preventive measure for all patients, it is recommended to visit a dentist at least twice a year, where with every visit there is a detailed examination , removal of soft and hard deposits with ultrasonic scalers, and teeth polished with professional pastes. Topical coating with fluoride preparations that provide protection against caries for 6 months is also recommended.