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Aesthetic dentistry is an interdisciplinary branch of dentistry that unites almost all other dental specialties and aims to improve the aesthetics of the teeth, which leads to the patient's self-confidence. Aesthetic dentistry involves the production of high-quality aesthetic fillings, zirconium oxide nonmetal crowns, glass ceramic crowns, production of veeners as well as teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a treatment that records a greater increase than any other dental treatment in modern dentistry. If properly and responsibly applied it can significantly improve dental aesthetics in patients who have had tooth discoloration. External changes in enamel can occur due to increased consumption of coffee, colored drinks, smoking cigarettes, etc. While internal dislocations are the result of disposing of chromogenic material to dentine and enamel, they result in pre-treatment and posteruptivity. Some of the reasons for tooth decoloration are the use of tetracycline antibiotics in the second trimester of pregnancy, where tetracyclines are deposited in the tooth structure during calcification. Teeth obstruction can also occur due to trauma of teeth, necrosis of the teeth or inadequate treatment of teeth.

It was previously believed that the use of light enhances the bleaching effect. Today, it is known that such an effect is short-lived and transient. Light creates heat and heat causes stronger dehydration of the teeth. Immediately after treatment, teeth appear brighter and whiter, but this effect is lost after a very short time when your teeth return their natural moisture levels. In addition, the use of activation lamps and lasers brings a number of risks to gingiva, pulp and vital teeth.

In our practice, Sulejmanagic we prefer tooth whitening with Opalescence Boost (Ultradent), which is chemically activated and does not need light activation. Active substances (38% hydrogen peroxide) are released very quickly after they are applied to the teeth and operate for a period of 15 minutes. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated up to four times in one visit. Opalescence Boost also works after treatment so that it is possible to have an additional effect upon completion of the treatment. Despite the high concentration of active substances, Opalescence Boost is a pH-neutral, and it also contains substances to strengthen the tooth enamel and reduce the hypersensitivity of the teeth.

Mock - up

If you want to make a smile make-over, it's easy to predict how your new smile will look. There are several ways to predict the appearance of your future teeth: photo analysis, digital smile design and mock-up. Surely the best solution is just "mock-up". The dentist uses the aesthetic filler material, puts it on the front teeth with a pre-made silicone key. By creating "mock-up" - you get a faithful view of your future smile after we extend, expand, bold or change the inclination of your teeth. If you give up the creation of a new smile, "mock-up" is removed and your natural teeth will remain undamaged. However, if you decide to continue the work, we send impressions  to the dental laboratory so that the dental technician has clear guidelines for making a definite prosthetics work.